Book release: Under the Influence of Tall Trees

Check  out my new book, Under the Influence of Tall Trees, a quirky look at the challenges of finding my true work, family and home in the Pacific Northwest. Under the Influence of Trees is available at Broadway Books ( at 1714 N.E. Broadway, Portland, Oregon.

If you're looking for funny short essays on work, family, home and Pacific Northwest destinations and oddities, you'll find them in Under the Influence of Tall Trees. I cover everything from the miracle of birth to her failure as a gardener, all in my trademark Nancy Woods style. As I say in the book, "I enjoy being funny. It feels so good to let it all out -- like a sneeze only less wet."

Under the Influence of Trees will clue you about:

·         The Other Phone Company

·         Life as an oyster chef groupie

·         Finding the perfect dancing dress for a young daughter (it’s “one-quarter Cinderella and three-quarters Mardi                     Gras”)

·         The real cause of Lewis and Clark’s problems (“too much communal living combined with dense undergrowth”)

And don't forget about my other book, Hooked on Antifreeze: True Tales About Loving and Leaving Alaska.

Quirkily yours,


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